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    100% ONLINE
    Master Of Public
    Management And
    Two-year programme: 180 credits
    Fees Per Credit - 2019: ± R 356
    Module Fees Are Revised Anually

Master Of Public Management And Governance

The first-of-its-kind, completely online Master of Public Management and Governance programme from the University of Johannesburg offers an unparalleled opportunity to advance in leadership in your community and workplace.

Develop in-depth knowledge to demonstrate specialised leadership. Gain analytical and management competencies at a Master’s level to perform advanced tasks in the professional sector.

Evaluate highly complex problems independently, write high-level texts, and apply research methods and techniques to provide scientific solutions.

While this is an online degree:

•  The examination will take place in Week 6 at an allocated venue in your area, which will be arranged and communicated with you well in advance.
•  You will be required to present yourself to the designated assessment venue, and the assessment will be supervised by invigilators appointed by the programme co-ordinator. The university will be required to provide venues within a reasonable distance from your location.
•  You will be permitted to complete assessments in your own place of work or residence. In this instance, various controls will be in place to ensure that it is you who are completing the assessment, and not another person. This will include asking you specific questions during the assessment, the use of cameras on computers throughout the assessment, and possibly fingerprinting.
•  You will be required to bring your own computer (being a suitable device, e.g. phone/tablet/ iPad/laptop).
•  In addition, you should have Skype access via your device for any possible oral components of the examination during which amoderator and external moderator will be present.


Admission Requirements: 

The admission process is the first step toward advancing your career. Below are the minimum requirements for applying and a list of the required documents you will need when you submit your application for the Master of Public Management 100% online programme.

Requirements for consideration into a Master of Public Management and Governance include:

A potential student should be in possession of a NQF Level 8 Honours degree or a related equivalent qualification such as an appropriate Postgraduate Diploma or a 480 credit Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 120 credits and at NQF Level 8.
An average of 65% for the NQF Level 8 qualification

At least five years mid-level managerial working experience in a public sector environment.

Required documentation:

A certified academic record and a certified copy of highest qualification obtained.
An updated and detailed CV.
Proof of work experience.
A motivation letter.
A general referee report from a colleague or a recommendation letter.

Have a question? Email enquiries@online.uj.ac.za or phone 0800 980 364 (toll-free)

Reasons To Enrol In A UJ Online Programme

Our online programmes are carefully designed to make earning an accredited university qualification possible for students from all walks of life.

Students benefit from the rigour of a traditional programme, made accessible online.

No Travel Required

6 Start Dates Per Year

Pay Per Module

100% Online Programmes 

Full Academic Support

Work And Learn

Compulsory Modules - 90 Credits

The purpose of this module is to provide students with the tools and skills to effectively and independently plan the outline of a minor dissertation and demonstrate the application of research methodology and principles and all the related activities thereto, to conduct independent research and critically develop an appropriate research proposal and minor dissertation in order to evaluate an issue in the area of the subject discourse in own context and report the results for academic submission. Note: Module a is a fixed-start module for the 8 coursework modules.
The module allows for the formulation of a research proposal. It enables initial interaction with specific field expert/supervisor. The module also focuses on improvement and corrections of the research proposal, any substantiations required and submissions for Higher degree and Ethics approval. Note: Module B is a fixed-finish module for Higher degree and Ethics approval.
This module aims to contextualise the core government frameworks and applications to address sustainable development issues, and to examine governments’ role in minimising the impact on the planet and maximising positive interventions.
This section focuses on African and global frameworks to unpack core theories of development and principles of sustainable development and to explain core variables impacting on sustainable development.
This module provides participants with an insight into how to conceptualise, design and implement a public sector sustainable development management framework for both the South African and African context to support development projects in a successful manner.
This module will enable participants to promote the process of development and to consider development policy as a process, covering planning of an intervention and the tools for the design and management of development projects.
The purpose of this module is to provide students with specialised knowledge of monitoring and evaluation. Students are afforded an exposure to attain comprehensive understanding of critical dimensions such as public policy management, policy systems, decision-making, policy evaluation scoping, different evaluation approaches (African-rooted and Western evaluation approaches), qualitative research tradition in evaluation and policy instruments in evaluation.
The purpose of this module is to equip students with critical insight and comprehensive understanding of governance, theory of change and action, evidence-informed policy change, evaluation foundation and philosophies, quantitative and mixed methods research traditions in evaluation as well as policy evaluation competencies.

Minor Dissertation Modules - 90 Credits

This module warrants data analysis, interpretation of research results; and finalisation of research findings.
The module warrants research report writing and comments/corrections with allocated field expert/supervisor.
The module warrants the minor dissertation finalisation, submission, examination and corrections where applicable. Results to be presented and approved as per Faculty and University policies to qualify the student for completion.
This module allows for the collection and capturing of data.

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