Our online programmes are carefully designed to make earning an accredited university qualification possible for students from all walks of life. Students benefit from the rigour and faculty instruction of a traditional programme, made accessible online.

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In 2005 three famous institutions became one. Technikon Witwatersrand, Vista University and Rand Afrikaans University merged to form the University of Johannesburg, or as we affectionately call it – UJ.

But this was more than a name-change. This was the beginning of an idea of what a future university should be. We didn’t just take on the name of the city that we’re in, we took the name of the economic hub of Africa. It’s a vibrant and dynamic city that shares our pace and energy and, like us, is paving the way in a new South Africa.

Being an amazing university means we need to do what we do with purpose and when we say, “The Future. Reimagined” it is more than just a catchy slogan. Our vision is to be an international university of choice, that’s anchored in Africa, dynamically shapes the future and that supports and advances the latest in academic and technological learning, teaching and research.
We believe that leading, challenging, creating and exploring knowledge is the only way that the future can be reimagined. To bring this thinking to life, UJ currently offers first-of-its-kind, fully-online accredited degrees and diplomas for a range of professional qualifications.

Under the leadership of artificial intelligence (AI) expert and UJ Vice-Chancellor, Professor Tshilidzi Marwala, UJ has met the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) head on to ensure that we turn out 4IR-ready graduates who are able to think, adapt and thrive in this fast-paced environment.

In our embrace of 4IR, our teaching and learning is constantly evolving to include advancements in robotics, virtual reality, cloud technology, big data, AI, the Internet of Things and other technologies. Since introducing handheld devices into first-year classrooms in 2014, we have dedicated ourselves to keeping our teaching tools and staff at the cutting edge of innovation.

Our commitment to the future is reflected by the fact that UJ has the highest concentration of staff with PhDs in AI, machine learning, data analytics and computational intelligence of any learning institution in Africa. We are proud to be regarded as having the deepest expertise in AI in Africa but this does come with some responsibility.

Through impactful research and innovation, it is up to us to transform lives and landscapes around us and hopefully catapult our graduates and our country into a responsive, innovative and solutions-driven future for all. Along with all our esteemed alumni, we are designing the future together.


We offer a growing range of 100% online degrees that can be found on this site under the Online Programmes tab.

The advantage of online learning is that no travel or contact sessions are required. You will be able to complete each consecutive module for your qualification completely online. This gives you the flexibility to study when it best suits your schedule, helping you to balance work, studies and other responsibilities. Once enrolled, you can access the modules at any time via a laptop or other digital device, provided you have an internet connection.

Our online programmes are designed to provide a highly interactive learning environment. You will be able to share your perspective and participate in topical discussions with fellow students. The faculty staff members are supportive and available for questions, while also providing assignments and guiding instruction using specific technologies.

Now you can experience both the rigour and the rewards of a university degree from home. Our online programmes are uniquely organised to offer you multiple opportunities during the year to begin your course. Instead of a typical academic schedule of two semesters or enrolment periods per year, the online programmes begin six times per year on a revolving schedule. Since you don’t have to wait for the next semester to start, you are able to move through your programme more quickly and efficiently. Although maximum duration of qualification rules apply, the shorter modules and additional start dates per year give you more flexibility to fit your studies into your schedule.


The learning management system at UJ for accessing academic modules, communities and announcements is called Moodle. To gain access, students and staff log in through the uLink portal.

Tools available in Moodle modules include content areas capable of hosting class presentations, documents, web links, assignments, plagiarism tools, online tests, wikis and reflection diaries − to name a few.

For self-help technical support, you can visit the Moodle FAQ page. Should you need further assistance, you are welcome to contact the helpdesk at the Centre for Academic Technologies by calling 011 559 3580 during office hours or emailing moodle@uj.ac.za.


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