Online Postgraduate Opportunities at UJ

UJ offers both undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications that can be studied entirely online and in your own time. Our postgraduate programmes are particularly popular due to the convenience they provide to those who are already climbing their way up the career ladder with full-time work commitments.


UJ offers the following postgraduate programmes online

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Bachelor of Education Honours in Education Leadership and Management
Master of Education in Educational Management
Master of Education in Information and Communication Technology
Master of Public Health

While the programme content varies, all of our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offer the following benefits:

  • Flexible learning format for part-time study
  • Six start dates each year
  • Pay-per-module fee structure
  • Support from our dedicated online team


UJ’s sought-after online Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree programme is offered by the prestigious Johannesburg Business School (JBS). Pursuing an MBA degree offers many benefits, setting a foundation for potential career advancement and personal growth.

Graduates of the two-year programme will emerge with comprehensive knowledge of business practice and theory and well-honed critical and strategic thinking skills needed to succeed in the global business environment.

The programme also provides networking opportunities, connecting you with fellow students, industry professionals and the JBS alumni network. The knowledge gained opens graduates to seek better job opportunities and earning potential, while the skills learnt are also invaluable to entrepreneurs, whether starting or growing their own businesses.

Master of Business Administration syllabus summary:

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a comprehensive programme designed to empower aspiring executives with essential business and leadership skills. Covering core business disciplines such as strategy, finance, marketing and operations management, the programmes offer in-depth insights into business operations on a global scale.

Students gain a nuanced understanding of ethical leadership, decision-making and strategic thinking. The curriculum also integrates current issues such as sustainable business and digital transformation.

A key highlight is a dissertation that allows students to delve into a business issue of interest, fostering their research, analytical and problem-solving skills. Graduates emerge as versatile, well-rounded business leaders capable of driving organisational success.

To learn more about this career-accelerating degree, please view the Master of Business Administration page.


This Honours-level programme is specifically tailored for current and aspiring leaders in education – principals, deputy principals, department heads, district officials and seasoned teachers. The curriculum has been meticulously designed to enhance your research abilities and foster academic scholarship.

It provides a deep dive into all the latest leadership theories and management perspectives. By honing your research prowess and understanding of management theories, UJ Online’s Bachelor of Education Honours in Education Leadership and Management degree will propel you to the forefront of educational leadership.

Like all UJ Online programmes, it is geared towards busy professionals and allows the flexibility to balance your work, studies and personal life. The programme takes 20 months to complete and comprises a mix of theory, covered in several seven-week-long modules, as well as a final research project.

Bachelor of Education Honours in Education Leadership and Management syllabus summary:

The Bachelor of Education Honours in Education Leadership and Management programme offers educators an advanced understanding of leadership and management within an educational context. Throughout the programme, students explore topics such as organisational management, education policy, resource management and curriculum development.

A key feature of the course is a research project where students apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, honing their analytical skills and understanding of the practical implications of leadership theories. On completion, graduates are equipped to take on leadership roles in educational settings, capable of influencing positive change and improving education outcomes.

To learn more about this programme, please go to the Bachelor of Education Honours in Education Leadership and Management page.


The online Master of Education (MEd) in Educational Management is a valuable asset for individuals engaged in any form of educational setting, be it formal or informal. The programme is specifically aimed at qualified teachers and education managers holding a BEd Honours degree and will build upon your prior knowledge.

The curriculum covers global perspectives and practices, but it does so with a view to how these apply to the local South African context. Students will have the opportunity to draw on their own experiences and knowledge and are encouraged to develop their unique voices in educational management.

Master of Education in Educational Management syllabus summary:

The Master of Education in Educational Management degree entails a comprehensive programme designed to develop educational leaders. The curriculum delves into policy development, school law and finance, people management and community relations. It also explores the contemporary issues impacting education, such as diversity and the influence of global trends on local education systems.

A significant focus is placed on research methodologies, equipping students with the skills to conduct educational research and apply findings to their management practices. Graduates emerge prepared to manage educational institutions, shape policies and drive innovation in education.

To learn more about this programme, please go to the Master of Education (MEd) in Educational Management page.


The purpose of the Master of Education in Information and Communication Technology is for students to acquire, strengthen and deepen specialist advanced theoretical knowledge of ICTs in educational environments. The themes that are covered include educational ICT policy development, current and emerging issues in digital learning, contemporary learning design theories and frameworks and framing assessment within 21st-century contexts.

The programme targets education practitioners from the public and private sectors who have an interest in advancing digital learning in their education ecosystems. The programme will appeal to instructional and learning designers, educational researchers, teachers and lecturers, corporate trainers, subject and curriculum specialists, policy advisers, monitoring and evaluation specialists and NGO officials.

Master of Education in Information and Communication Technology syllabus summary:

The Master of Education in Information and Communication Technology programme centres on the intersection of education and technology, equipping educators with the skills to integrate ICT into teaching and learning processes. The course emphasises both the theoretical and practical aspects of ICT use in education, covering areas such as multimedia design, e-learning principles, ICT policy and educational software evaluation.

Additionally, a strong research component empowers students to investigate ICT’s impact on education, making evidence-based decisions to improve pedagogical practices. Graduates will become adept at harnessing technology to enhance learning experiences and educational outcomes.

To learn more about this programme, please go to the Master of Education in Information and Communication Technology page.


Our pioneering online Master of Public Health programme is designed to equip health professionals with the tools to assess, strategise and address public health challenges both locally in South Africa and globally. Key areas of study include environmental health, occupational health and epidemiological threats.

Our curriculum stands shoulder-to-shoulder with those offered at globally accredited public health institutions, yet it’s uniquely shaped to cater to South Africa and sub-Saharan specificities, including local legislation, health priorities and economic conditions. Completing this program paves the way for further academic progression, such as a doctorate in a health-related discipline.

With no travel or in-person sessions required, this flexible programme allows you to earn credits at your own rhythm, enabling you to balance your studies with personal and professional commitments. The programme can be completed in as little as two years. Step into the world of public health and make a difference on a local and global scale.

Master of Public Health syllabus summary:

The Master of Public Health programme is an interdisciplinary course that provides comprehensive knowledge and skills in public and environmental health. The course combines elements of epidemiology, biostatistics, health promotion, health systems, economics and environmental health. It focuses on understanding and addressing health challenges at local, national and global levels, with an emphasis on the practical application of theories through research methodologies.

The course culminates in a minor dissertation, allowing students to delve into a public health issue of their choice, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills in real-world contexts. Graduates will complete the programme well-prepared to influence health policy, manage health systems and initiate interventions for health promotion and environmental health.

To learn more about this programme, please go to the Master of Public Health page.


Our Advanced Diploma in School Leadership and Management is meticulously crafted for current and aspiring school principals, honing the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of education. This programme aims to cultivate proficiency and competency in teaching management, enabling students to seamlessly incorporate these principles into their professional milieu.

The qualification focuses on fostering an in-depth understanding of school systems, leadership dynamics and managerial roles within these systems. It also prepares individuals to handle the complexities of managing people and driving change effectively. Enrol for this qualification to gain the tools to transform educational environments with confidence and skill.

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