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    Advanced Diploma
    in Financial Markets
    Two-year programme:120-130 CREDITS (*)
    Cost: R 30 000-R 32 500 (*)
    Token: APCBEPG
    Important Note: You will need this token for the Application Process
(*) The Applied Financial Mathematics module includes an exemption exam.
The module will be exempted on the academic record if the exemption exam is passed.

Advanced Diploma in Financial Markets

The purpose of the Advanced Diploma in Financial Markets is to develop the student’s knowledge of the discipline of financial markets and trading. The programme is comprised of a focused curriculum to prepare the student for a career in financial markets. Mastering of the curriculum will provide students with the ability to synthesise financial market principles and apply financial instruments in a professional manner. Fundamental knowledge of global investments relevant to the financial market industry will be gained enabling the qualifying student to work in today’s world of professional financial markets. The programme emphasises competence, integrity, and application of ethics in a professional environment. The successful student will gain a global and South African financial market perspective and an in-depth understanding of the marketplace which will provide them with a competitive advantage for employment.

Admission requirements: 

The admission requirements for this programme will adhere to the University of Johannesburg’s Policy for Admission and Selection which is current at the time of the registration for this programme.

A student should have one of the following:

  • New/Old NQF level 6 qualification with 3 years’ relevant work experience in financial markets; or
  • New/Old NQF level 6 qualification in Finance; or
  • 5 years’ relevant work experience in financial markets.

Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not assure acceptance into the programme as all students will be subjected to a selection process as determined by the Department of Finance and Investment Management.
For the students with a NQF level 6 qualification with 3 years relevant work experience and students with only relevant work experience, an entrance exam will be written to determine if the student has the necessary foundation knowledge to proceed with the Advanced Diploma.  If the student does not pass the exam, the student will be able to do certain short learning programmes (which are in development) so that their knowledge is at the correct level before doing the Advanced Diploma. This entrance exam is one of the methods that will be used to determine the knowledge level and understanding of potential students.

The decision to recommend admission is made by the programme coordinator who will evaluate prospective students (via Skype or by other appropriate means). During the selection process, the programme coordinator will consider the career history of applicants.  The programme coordinator may also request applicants to perform certain discipline related writing or practical skills tasks as means of assessing the breadth and depth of their knowledge and skills, before finalising admission decisions.

It is a further requirement that students who wish to enrol for this programme have strong general computer skills, and that they have reliable access to the internet, as the programme is offered wholly online, and students without reliable internet access will not be able to participate fully in the learning activities for each module. 

Have a question? Email enquiries@online.uj.ac.za or phone 0800 980 364 (toll-free).



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