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  • Reach your personal goals while enriching your professional achievement with a first-of-its-kind, completely online Master’s programme from the University of Johannesburg

Online Masters Programmes offered by UJ:

Reach your personal goals while enriching your professional achievement with a first-of-its kind, completely online Master's programme from the University of Johannesburg.


Master of
Public Health

This online programme equips health professionals to analyse and offer solutions to public health challenges in South Africa and around the globe.

Master of Public Management and Governance

This online programme develops knowledge in dynamic fields such as global and continental sustainability and public management.

Master of Education in Information and Communication Technology

This online programme advances knowledge of educational ITC policy development and current and emerging issues in digital learning.

Master of Education in Educational Management

The online MEd in Educational Management is relevant to anyone involved in the formal or informal education sector.



Why UJ Online?

UJ’s first-of-its-kind, completely online programmes offer many benefits to working professionals trying to advance their career while balancing personal obligations.
  • Completely online modules
  • No face-to-face sessions
  • No travel required
  • Pay per module
  • Study on your own schedule
  • Supportive, interactive learning
  • 6 start dates per year
  • Full Academic Support

Reasons to Enrol in a UJ Online Programme

Our online programmes are carefully designed to make earning a degree possible for learners who would not be able to achieve their qualifications otherwise.

Students benefit from the rigour and faculty instruction of a traditional programme made accessible online.

No travel required

6 start dates per year

Pay per module

Fully supported

Work and learn

Shape your future as a community leader

The University of Johannesburg is pleased to offer a range of first-of-their-kind, completely online programmes that can put your career on a dynamic path of growth.

With 6 start dates per year, no travel required, and a pay-per-module tuition structure, UJ's format gives working professionals a convenient and accelerated opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills across a variety of industries and public services.

What are the technology requirements for accessing the programmes?
In general terms, the student must have access to the Internet and a laptop or other digital device. Specific technology questions can be addressed through support services available after the student enrols.

Is technology support available to students?
Yes, technology support is included in the programmes. To make progressing through their programme easier, students are instructed in how to access and use the online portal as part of their first module.

How long does it take to complete a programme module online?
The programmes are organized into consecutive 7-week modules, so that the student can complete them more quickly than other formats.

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